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COVID19 - What is to be Learnt?

This section will cover my research into the process being used to learn lessons from the way the UK handled the COVI19 Pandemic. My interest mainly focuses on the strategic approach taken by the UK Government where I look to use the case to explore what a good recommendations looks like. In term of complexity of risk, my interest is in "subsequence": that is, the unwanted side-effects of the measures taken to manage the COVID pandemic.

To date I have published:

  • My comparison of the of the UK action against the principle of crisis management.

  • Nearly ten years ago the Francis Inquiry report was published. It examined the causes of the failings in care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust between 2005 and 2009. The report makes 290 recommendations. These recommendation shaped the NHS over the next decade. I therefore feel that it is important to review those recommendations to identify the areas they targeted. I will use this as a baseline against which to judge the recommendations that come out of any future COVID19 Public Inquiry: I will be particularity interested in where the two inquiries contradict each other. My analysis of the Francis recommendations can be found here.

  • Following the 2009 influenza pandemic Dame Deirdre Hine was asked to conduct an independent review of the UK's response. The importance of this report is that it was used in the construction of the UK's Pandemic strategy published in 2011. My analysis of these recommendations can be found here.

  • My analysis of The Government Pandemic stagey (2011) and how it related to the COVID19 pandemic. My conclusion is that the strategy fitted the criteria of being a fantasy document.

  • My commentary on the House of Commons Health and Social Care, and Science and Technology Committees Coronavirus: lessons learned to date (Report published 21 Sep 21).

  • On 1 Dec 21, the People's COVID Inquiry produced its report. I have used this study to refined my criteria for rating the operational validity of inquiry recommendations.

Last Updated 11 Dec 21

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