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MIke Lauder
Risk Performance Management Specialist



Dr Mike Lauder MBE has worked in risk management for the last 30 years. He is now an independent researcher and a visiting fellow at Cranfield School of Management, where he undertook his doctorate studying risk governance and the process, outcomes, effectiveness and efficacy of public inquiries. He has a wide range of experience in this field covering his time in the military and as a consultant. He has practical experience of risk management as a military engineer, including work in bomb disposal and as a security specialist. He has worked in both construction and procurement project management and has wider experience of logistic operations and corporate financial planning, having completed successful projects with the oil and gas industry, the MOD and at the British Library.


He now combines his academic understanding and practical knowledge to help those responsible for Corporate Governance to fulfil their risk management remit more effectively. He offers new ways of looking at the subject, enabling others to develop a clear picture of the risk issues and to ask more penetrating questions of their expert advisors.


Mike is a former Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, a published author and lectures to academic, professional and practitioner audiences. He helps others gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of risk governance through one to one mentoring and group study days.


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